Three Otters Release

Fullerton Wines proudly announces the release of Three Otters wines, a new label produced by the Fullerton family.

By early 2014, the Fullertons had successfully launched the core family brand, Fullerton Wines. The vinous treasures crafted under this label embody the best of the Willamette Valley with grapes sourced from acclaimed vineyards. While proud of the quality and progress of Fullerton Wines, the family desired to reach a broader audience, understanding well that the $30-$60 price point represents a small volume of the wine consumed by the average consumer, and a disproportionately high volume of the wine coming out of the prestigious Willamette Valley. The Fullertons then systematically tasted through the Willamette Valley Pinot noir and Chardonnay offerings in the $15-$25 price range. This experiment left them confident they could produce insightful, intriguing value wines from the Willamette Valley.

2014 Three Otters Pinot Noir


Three Ottters wines represent an outstanding glimpse into the soul of the Willamette Valley. Winemaker Alex Fullerton tends the Three Otters’ wines with equal skill and care as the Fullerton label wines, and the grapes hail from vaunted vineyards such as Keleri, Dion, and Triple H. 2014 represents the first vintage, and the family has passionately crafted a Pinot noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot noir rosé for the delight of all. Many of the Willamette Valley wines currently offered in the $15-$25 range come from corporate wineries. Three Otters allows a broader audience to appreciate the Willamette Valley, while also providing an opportunity to support a small family producer and sustainable vineyard management. Club members have already received and tasted the wines with their recent shipment. You can find Three Otters wines at the SE Wine Collective, our online store, and select New Seasons and restaurant locations.

Three otters play a prominent role on the Fullerton family crest, which dates back to 14th century Scotland. From our family to your table, Three Otters wines will leap and tumble out of the glass awakening your senses. Drink our new wines? You otter!

Join us at our Holiday Party on December 12th. You will have the opportunity to taste and purchase Three Otters and Fullerton wines during this joyous celebration. All are welcome!


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