On Tasting Wine

Wine tastes good. And it smells good, too. These simple realities should be at the core of tasting wine. Unfortunately, we too often meet guests who approach the wines with sideways glances, timid hands, and demure dispositions, the result of a Wine Establishment that has projected an image of superiority, complexity, and polished self-confidence. Rest assured that what you bring to the glass is enough.


Alex Fullerton leads a wine dinner at the Fullerton Wine Bar and Tasting Room in Portland


Tasting wine is a personal and individual experience. We all approach each wine with different taste buds, histories, and levels of knowledge. Despite this range, all of us can hold our heads high and enjoy the liquid in our glasses, the sights that surround us, and the company of friends and strangers.

Fullerton Wines recommends two simple steps to take full advantage of your wine tasting experiences―notice and enjoy. Notice the colors in your glass, the aromas swirling in the bowl of your stem, and the resulting flavors. Notice if the wine excites your mind and spirit, or falls flat. Notice the atmosphere of your environment. And then enjoy it all. Enjoy the engagement of your senses. Enjoy the company surrounding you. When you notice and enjoy, you are doing everything “right.”

By noticing and enjoying, you taste wine and grow your understanding of it. With this as the foundation, go and experience the world of wine. One sip will lead to another, and the path before you becomes pure joy.

Bella Vida Vineyard Pinot Noir


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