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About Us

Eric and Alex Fullerton are a father and son winemaking/grape growing duo. They made their first wines in 
the 2011 vintage producing a Pinot noir and a rosé made from Pinot noir. In 2012 they found themselves making Pinot noir and rosé again, this time at a brand new coop in SE Portland called the SE Wine Collective. They have spent most of their free time in the past year getting Eric's backyard ready for planting Chardonnay and there is now an organically farmed vineyard called The Ivy Slope Vineyard planted to 468 vines of Dijon 76, 95, and 96 Chardonnay on Cooper Mountain in Beaverton to show for it. Alex and Eric are currently working on getting their 2012 Rosé ready to be bottled and after that will be tasting through the 2012 Pinot noirs and working on the blends for this vintage.

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